Dropship from Amazon to eBay – without being flagged!

With Shield, our non-API listing software, you get 5-10x more sales on eBay, while still enjoying all the benefits of automation.
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Still wondering if you can “fix” the eBay dropshipping flag?

With Shield, you avoid being flagged by eBay at all. Here’s how it works:

Shield is Amazon to eBay non-API dropshipping software. By not using eBay’s API, you avoid being flagged which means you get up to 10x more sales and your listings get much higher visibility compared to other dropshippers!

  • Hot Item Finder Shield includes a hot item finder that scans Amazon item categories for high-profit items to dropship.

  • eBay Listing Creator Shield automatically creates VeRO-scanned item listings that get 5-10x more impressions compared to other dropshippers.

  • Profit-Boosting Repricer Shield reprices your items to beat your competitors and maximize your profit on every sale.

  • Auto-Order and Tracking Uploader Shield automatically orders items from Amazon within minutes of purchase, and uploads item tracking (including Bluecare Express) to buyers.

eBay Dropshipping Flag

Shield is more than just non-API software

Shield is a small exclusive group of elite eBay dropshippers with their own content, community, software and mentoring.


Non-API Amazon to eBay listing software

Shield members get access to the most powerful and complete non-API eBay dropshipping software in existence.


Free 6 Months Mentoring Package

Shield members get a dedicated mentor assigned to them for their first 6 months to help them get setup and push them to success.


Members only Telegram Community

Shield members have a private Telegram community to ask questions and get support from other users.


Exclusive Webinars, Content and Guides

Shield members get access to exclusive content, valuable guides and Q & A webinars.

See the difference that Shield will make to your sales

This is the same person, using the same dropshipping methods with the same listing software.
See the difference in promoted listings effectiveness with Non-API software.

Non-API Software


3,398,337 impressions

API Software


54,469 impressions

Shield is just like manual dropshipping – but with software to scale!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is shield different to any other non-API eBay software? Shield is the most complete eBay non-API solution on the market. It is not just a tracking uploader or a repricer, it includes everything you need to automate your entire dropshipping business while avoiding being flagged by eBay.

  • What about manual dropshipping on eBay? Shield has all the benefits of manual dropshipping – but provides you the same automation tools that make it easy to scale it into a business. For example, one of our Shield members has 82 eBay accounts which would be impossible to manage if you’re dropshipping manually.

  • Can shield unflag an account that’s already been flagged? No, Shield only works on eBay accounts that haven’t been used to dropship with an API software previously and cannot unflag your account.